And so it begins…

I don’t generally enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone, although when I do it usually ends in some crazy new idea that I bounce around in my head for a while before I eventually get over it and move on.
Yesterday I atteneded a “celebration of life” that pulled me into a catholic church for a friends sister I had never met. I kept focusing on the life this lady lived and the fight she had fought over the last 12 years that led everyone in the room to miss her so much. That got me to start thinking about how we live our lives, the dash in between our date of birth and our final days.

I started thinking about some of my favorite memories and I find some much of my life to be a blur. I used to sit down a few times a week and write in my journal and then over the years with the addition of the kids, I just dont have the time, or frankly, the penmenship to journal anymore. Although, I almost always have a Computer or phone within inches of me, so this seemed like the natural step.

I intend to use this forum to Rant about the crazy crap that crosses my mind, the things that make my skin boil, and honestly, i’m sure my fabulous family will make a debut at some point as well.


Buckle up- HERE WE GO!


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