The last day…

So, today is my last day off before I head back to work from 4 months of maternity leave. I have so many feelings, but mostly I just feel ready. Ready to get back to my job that I love, ready to know what being a working mother of 2 will feel like, ready to let Kenzie get to know her Nan better and of course…ready to sell the shit out of some furniture!
Something about being in a temporary time of my life makes me uneasy. I prefer to do things 100% and just walking away from my job for 4 months is a weird “un-Amberish” thing to do.

So here’s the plan.
*Enjoy the crap out of my family this weekend. (all weekends really)
*Sunday night layout a fabulous outfit WITH HEELS (@TrayLo… How about the caps just for emphasis, and to bug you!)
*attempt to get out of the house on time Monday.
*pass over Kenzie with confidence and a full heart.
*and then drive my fancily dressed ass to Ventura with a smile on my face.

I realize I’m new at this mommy business but I do know this:

My kids are with people that love them and I have a job I love that I kick ass at… I’m a better mommy when I work.

Balance is the key to life.
(None of this is funny, but all of it is true.)

Off to snuggle the girl.


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