It’s funny. I ALWAYS have an opinion, always. Now that I have a place to rant about those opinions, I can’t validate any thought as important enough to actually write about. It’s like a sick running joke that is running laps in my dome. It goes something like this…
…we buy a lot of soap. Soap is a racket, maybe I could blog about that? We buy dish soap, hand soap, baby soap, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, shampoo… I mean for the love of God, how many different freaking types of soap do we need?!?! Wait, no, I shouldn’t blog about that, no one cares….
…what about office drama and the cattiness of women? No, no one cares about that, we all live it everyday….
… What about the phenomenon of getting Cooper to poop in the toilet. STOP right there missy, NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT!

So as you can see, this blog topic is kicking my ass. Being too picky about my rants is leading to no ranting. For those close to me I’m sure they are loving it, but for the rest of you that want a good rant… Sit tight, I’m sure I’m about the bust.


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