What do you say?

What do you say?

Something very cool happened to me last week and I just have to share because it has been on my mind ever sense and I think it’s so powerful.

Everyday we all wake up and go about our business. Sometimes life gives us an opportunity to help someone, or care about someone’s circumstances that dont directly effect us. Some days, depending on the mood we’re in, we jump at the chance to help, and sometimes, we press clear on our phones and go about our selffish lives. A one sentence email I received via Facebook last week changed my perspective on helping others forever.

When I was younger my family was very involved in sports, every sport, you name it. My mom, and dad, would take us to practices and coach most of the time, and then take us home. In my memory i feel like we always had an extra person in the car with us on the way to and from our sporting events. I remember it always being so fun to travel to the practices and tournaments because we always had a few friends in the car with us. Looking back now, as an adult, and a mother of two….that sounds exhausting. Not only the actual practices, or the coaching, but to be carpooling different kids all over town so that they could be part of the team too. Now this brings me back to my lesson of the week.

I reached out to an old friend on Face book last week, we hadn’t been friends online and I hadn’t seen him in 15 years at least, but when I saw his face book picture all I could remember was him crawling into the minivan a few times a week and then joking with us all the way to the game. HE WAS AWESOME AT SOCCER, so from a coaches perspective, he was worth picking up, he added a crap load of skill to the team, although that is not why my mom always picked him up. After we reconnected he sent me a message that said simply “Your family will always hold a special place in my heart…your mother is one of the reasons I love to play soccer and still play to this day.”

It got me thinking. My mom woke up every morning and decided to care about him, decided it was worth going out of her way to make sure that he was part of the team and at all of the games and practices. She didn’t have to do that, it would have been easier for her not to, but she cared for him, she cared for his skills, she wanted him to come up loving sports just like she did and of course, she didn’t want his God given talent on the soccer field to go to waste.

My lesson here is simply this. Try when it doesnt benefity you, Care when its not neccesary to care, give to people that will appreciate what you have done for them or to those who wont. In whatever small way my mom influenced him to be who he is, I am proud of her for that. I only hope to effect people’s lives the way she has, but more importantly, I hope that if I do change lives and that I never once look back for a Thank you…because that’s not why I’m doing it….that’s definitely not why my mom did it.

So what do you say, why dont we all try to go out of our way for someone that needs us, and try to make this world a better place?


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