Where’s the phone?!

The phone is a big topic in our house. I’m going to be really honest with you, we at the Jones casa are big on our electronics so it’s no wonder that Cooper, my 20 month old chaos creator, is too. He will misbehave in one room in order to get us to come after him and then he will high tail it to the couch where he will swipe our iPhones. He is getting smarter too, he has found all of our phone “hiding places.” Between the cushions is no challenge to him, he’s no idiot.


I guess I bring this up to say that we have a serious iPhone/iPad situation happening. The old saying “monkey see, monkey do”…they weren’t kidding! Jayson and I are always either on our phone or iPads, to be fair, sometimes it’s for business, but the rest of the time it’s Facebook, Words with Friends, Pinterest, Instagram, and now this damn blog….as if I needed yet another app to check!


It’s kind of scary. At 14 months old the kid could grab any apple product, slide it on and find the video app to watch a Bubble Guppies episode that we have all seen nearly 12,000 times. I know that all kids growing up in this generation will be tech savvy and electronics aware, but when we give their young brains TV and cell phones and iPads, what are we not giving them? By that I mean, there has to be some part of the brain that isn’t getting the nurturing it needs because instead of spinning a top for an hour he is banging the keys to his play keyboard, or swiping my phone to smash ants…at the end of the day, it’s all screen time.


We are very aware of the TV in our house. We try to turn on music as much as we can and avoid using the TV as a babysitter, but even with that awareness I worry we are breaking our little guy. The sad part is, we have no idea what the repercussions of today’s innovations will do to the brains of our children, its unprecedented.


So I take a personal vow, and urge you to join in as well. What if we all put our cell phones, iPads, and computers away every night from 5-7 and instead of stare blankly at a screen, we enjoy our families? We get on the floor, crawl around, build forts or have a tea time with our little ones, today I start my “family time no phone from 5-7” rule. Jayson might not jump on board so easily, and that’s fine, this is about me. This is about doing everything in my power to make my kids’ brains grow healthy and happy.


Will you join me?


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