Everyone Wins? Lame.

I spent the morning at a t-ball “game” for my 6 year old nephew B. I use the word “game” in the loosest form possible. I admit that I am the most competitive person alive, or at least the second, my brother in law is right up there with me, But even so, what is the deal these days? They don’t keep score, they ALL hit off the Tee every inning and you can’t be thrown out! How does that teach you the rules of baseball? It feels ridiculous.
I’m all for teaching kids self esteem but I feel like this whole “everybody is a winner” thing is getting way out of control.
Life isn’t full of winners. Sometimes you have to lose and when we do, it’s nice to have had a little training on how to be a good loser. The sense of entitlement that it gives kids is worse than having half the kids leave knowing they lost and need to try harder next week. When did this “everyone gets a trophy” business start?

I will always support B in whatever crazy sports league he’s playing in, because at the end of the day I will always support active children, but I hope that these little kids leagues start to look at what behavior comes from always winning. I think a little competition is healthy and I hope that doesn’t die with these silly non competitive everyone wins teams they all play on these days.


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