I have a hard time understanding people that don’t want to be good parents, or haven’t taken the time to stop and realize that they aren’t doing everything they can for their children. I know that circumstances happen and sometimes children pop up where they may not have been expected but once you make the decision to let that baby into your life, you owe quality to that child. 

I understand that I am OBSESSED and some parents may choose a road that is less involved than J and I choose to be, but think of your children. Don’t you owe it them to teach them to have a better life than you ever had? Isn’t that the goal, give them opportunities you never had, teach them to love all the things you did as a kid, tell them stories, tell them jokes and make them giggle? Being supportive and providing guidance is a huge part of it but above all else, just be THERE, and be there because you want to be. 


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