As most of you know, I speak my mind, and most of the time my mind is full of bad language and inappropriate thoughts (oops!) Over the years I have learned to pepper my words with salty language for effect or additional humor. That being said, it has to stop! I’m trying to be aware of my language as my 20 month old creator of chaos is learning to talk. I can just see him walking into his very Christian preschool and dropping a very loud F bomb for all to hear. The thing is, I know it’s not a matter of “if” he will do it, but rather “when” he will do it.
The last time I saw my dad he made a point of telling me to watch my mouth, although he started the sentence with “can I tell you something and I hope you don’t get mad…” I feel like people often start their thoughts with that sentence when they talk to me, that cant be good right?! Well that’s a whole other Oprah for another time.
So here we are, trying to watch our mouths and say things like “oh fudge” instead of the way funnier more grown up version in order to save ourselves from inevitable embarrassment.
I know that every parent crosses this bridge and has to be aware of themselves all of the sudden. This monkey see monkey do business is no joke. Scary too because I am so inappropriate, all the way from my language, to the way I loudly speak when indoors, and the stupid songs I make up to dance to with the kids. This poor kid has no idea, if he thinks I am normal, his poor “normal gauge” is always going to be off just a bit!

Parenting is serious business, it changes you, and this morning I realize that everyday my kids are making me a better person by declaring war on the parts of me that have never been perfect.

My kids- 1
My language- 0

I hate losing. Must. Change. Now.


2 thoughts on “Oh FUDGE

  1. I hear ya…we say stuff like ” wow, that guy sure was a DB!” (douche bag) or “can’t believe they gave that DFC a drivers license!” (dumb f***ing c***) . It’s a process 😉 happy censoring!

  2. I am with you there I have twins who are thankfully only nine months so I have time to learn the errors of my ways, but its hard work, I don’t even trust myself at the local nursery group with the other normal/abnormal? mums in case I drop a biggie and let the side down:) good luck and any tips send them my way 🙂

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