There’s something about a blinking cursor on a screen that takes me back to college. Me sitting in my freshman dorm attempting to write a paper that was inevitably due the next day and I didn’t do the reading… Story of my life!
So here I am, almost 8 am on Wednesday morning, attempting to write a blog because I promised myself I wouldn’t miss a weekday, but of course I haven’t spent one minute thinking about a ranting topic.
It’s so funny how certain characteristics don’t ever change, even as we grow older and supposedly wiser, most of our character stays in tact over the years. I do however believe that people are capable of change, but it’s the underlying personality traits that will stay the same. Lucky me, when God was passing out traits I got procrastination! It really is a skill. In fact, going back to my college days, I got so good at procrastination that I even wore a “smart scarf” when I would sit down to write so that my friends would see the scarf and know that I needed to do my homework instead of… Well… Puff puff and pass. It’s bad when you have a universal sign to your friends that you have done it again, waited til the last minute and now it’s crunch time. A sort of scarf that yelled “LEAVE ME ALONE IM TRYING TO PASS COLLEGE!”

Now as an employee we all decided to create that universal sign at work too. If you see one ear bud in, go ahead and talk to me, but if you see two- keep on walking because I’m in the zone and don’t want to be interrupted. It’s smart really, it’s often all of the starting and stopping of projects that causes us to make mistakes.

So today’s blog I pulled out of my ass, it’s a rant about nothing because I’m a slacker and I let my mind take break last night, but I promise you that tonight I’ll actually spend a minute thinking of something good. I CAN ALREADY FEEL THE PRESSURE!

Enjoy your day people!


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