Are you a sheep of a wolf?

Do you ever feel like things are moving too fast for our own good?

I remember reading Fahrenheit 451 when I was in High School and thinking the book was so fictional. The premise of the book seemed so far off that I couldn’t even see a world even semi resembling that of 451.

For those of you that read the cliff notes of that book, let me catch you up to speed.


The 451 Fire Fighters chased after people that were hiding books and instead of putting fires out, they started them. They burned entire houses to the ground if people were harboring books because they didn’t want people to learn, or think for that matter. They wanted a society of Sheep that did what they were told and when.

The cars drove themselves and they did it at break neck speeds in order to keep people from seeing what was going on around them. They lived in ignorance and were taught not to question authority. They always had “Seashells” in their ears and could talk to anyone at any moment through their ear buds.

They interacted with their TV’s and played roles in the shows to keep the involvement high and their TV’s were all 4 walls of a room so that they could really get involved in the program.


In 1999 when I read this book these ideas seemed funny because they were so far off and so unrealistic.


Now today, in 2012, people don’t buy books anymore. If they want to read a book they upload it onto their Kindle or iPad.

We do drive faster now as a society than we ever have before (I am very guilty of this!)

Everyone walks around with their headset on or their ear buds in so that they are ready for a call at any moment and they can avoid human interaction around them.

We don’t quite have 4 wall TV’s yet, but we sure do have wall mounted TV’s and with the craze of reality TV and voting on so many different programs, we are VERY involved in the outcome of what we watch. We vote who stays and who goes.

When I think about these similarities, it creeps me out. What’s next for us, complete oblivion? We just do what we are told and we do it in mass quantities… it scares me thinking about what the life of our children will be like if we all just keep burying our heads in the sand and pretending that we don’t have larger issues that are shaping who we are becoming as a species. This isn’t a gender problem, or a race problem, this is a problem for all people as a whole. Things are moving so fast so that we all just go about our business and don’t pay attention to the new laws, or the way our children are being schooled, or the lack of funding for things that matter. I encourage you to take time to think about what your life has become, to challenge authority and to question the ways that have become second nature to us.

 Don’t be a sheep. Be the wolf. Wolves change the world.


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