Alright, you want to talk hot button issues, this one is mine! When you get in your cute little car and head off to wherever you are going please look up from the little world you live in and acknowledge that other people are on the road too. We too, have a place we are headed and it’s nice to be able to use the road that was provided. On nearly every road/ Highway/ Freeway etc., you will find a sign that reads: SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT

I know this is a hard one to grasp, but basically this sign means this: Get out of the way! If you not going faster than the person behind you, then you are in the way, therefore you are the slower traffic that needs to keep right. Now this doesn’t mean that you get to judge if you are “driving fast enough” or if I’m speeding, it just simply means, GET OUT OF THE WAY IF IM DRIVING FASTER. If later down the freeway I get pulled over for speeding, that’s my issue, not yours. So move. Now. PLEASE.



  1. What about the sign that says “Speed Limit XX”? if everyone followed that sign you wouldn’t really need “slower traffic” sign right? Plus, that nice old lady has a blog about the crazy speed demon drivers that have her changing lanes all the time. 🙂 Devil’s advocate aside it’s definitely frustrating. Here in Washington everyone drives the same speed in EVERY lane. When I’m not bothered by it it’s actually quite comical to watch 3 cars line up and drive side by side for miles.

  2. That’s the whole point Scott- if I want to speed that should be my prerogative. What if someone was having a baby and trying to get to the hospital but they can’t get passed the person cruising exactly 65 in the “fast lane”? Annoying. Just move out of the way and let me by and then go about your 65 MPH business. 🙂

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