Our Freedom

While driving into LA this morning I had a moment of clarity that came to me after I read an email sent out by a new co- worker. the email had a link to a story about a Green Beret that was killed yesterday in Afghanistan and the guy happened to be a friend of my coworker. They had spent some time as friends while they were in High School and she wanted all of us to spend a moment sending good vibes into the world for him.

After I read the article in the paper all I could think about were the prominent people in my life that helped mold me into who I am today. Instead of just casually letting them cross my mind and going on my way, I instead grabbed for the phone and made a few phone calls. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like the only time you can call someone is when you have 30 minutes to talk or something worth calling to report, but often times I feel like the quick 5 minute phone call for no reason keeps us closer to the ones we love and leaves me feeling better about my day and my place in life.

It’s so easy to feel like our freedom is free, but it’s not. Our Freedom is on the back of all the people that serve this country, including the teacher’s that teach the one’s that will eventually run this country. So to all of you fighting for me and my family and friends to enjoy our lives, I thank you and I appreciate you.

Enjoy your Friday friends and take a second to be thankful for everything you have and for the people that allow us that freedom.


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