Wandering around in my brain…

When we were little my family used to laugh because my brother “T” would say anything that came to his mind, and that’s extra humorous now because as adults this is a characteristic of mine and T is way more thoughtful about what he says and what he keeps to himself. Anyway, it was fun to poke fun at T and we would pretend to be him by saying a little something like this for example:

“my name is T, Im tall. I knew a tall guy one time, he had red hair. I like girls with red hair they are always so fun. Speaking of fun, last weekend was a blast… ” And so on. The thoughts that linked his train of thought were always so random.

So knowing all of that, I had a total T moment yesterday while driving home from work and it made me laugh to realize the similarities we have.

Mine went a little something like this:

I passed a new VW beetle and thought, oh my 4 month old sweetie pie Z,  would be so cute driving that as her first car. I wonder what her first car will be? I hope she presents us with a good, better, best option when she starts begging for a car. I hope my kids learn to ask for what they want, because no one gives you things when you don’t ask for them.

Then I went into this whole sales person/ parenting mode and I started thinking about what sales skills I hope I pass on to the two shorties  in my life. It’s crazy to think about how responsible we are for the personalities of our children. I wish I could pick the characteristics of mine that I would like to pass on to the shorties… If only?!

So, at yesterday’s end, I spent a long drive thinking about all kinds of weird unrelated topics. It was nice to wander around in my brain for a bit with no road map of what to think about. Of course my thoughts went to the kids and my family, they always do. I hope your thoughts go to the ones you love most too. It’s just such a blessing to love and be loved so hard.


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