Now that I find myself with a daily forum to rant about anything I want, after nearly three weeks I’ve ranted myself rantless. So of course, I turned to Mr. Wonderful for a topic to try and spark a fire under my… Writing hand (typing finger). Here’s what we came up with, judge us not.

Mr. Wonderful drives somewhere around 3500 miles a month so he sees some crazy business on the road. It’s always fun to hear his pet peeves and daily road stories. The thing he sees all the time that is getting straight ridiculous is the ad campaign gone crazy, the got milk campaign. Otherwise known as the “got- you-fill-in-the-blank-with-anything-you-can-think-of-campaign?”
I think the actual “got milk?” campaign is genius, but I wouldn’t even put that bumper sticker on my car, let alone a total knock off version. Got soccer, got hockey, got junk… I mean, stop it, stop it right now. What it should say is “got originality?” or “got a marketing department of your own?”

Please people of the crowded LA freeways, if I have to stare at the back of your car for hours in bumper to bumper traffic, can you at least step up your bumper sticker game?!

Kthnx. Buh bye.


One thought on “got…?

  1. It’s this generation’s version of “Bo knows….”. My favorite of which was the OTL team “Bo knows yo mama”. PS this is the random shit I want to see more of lady!

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