Furlough Fridays= the best free day, 3 day weekend creator ever. So many folks in my office hate our Furlough days because they are getting a day off with no pay, I think they are looking at it all wrong.
Your choices are these:
1. One entire person loses his/ her job, we have to do our own job, plus pieces of the persons Job who got fired. We all work 5 days every week.


2. We all get 2 days off with no pay every month to enjoy the spring/ summer days and when we go back to work on Monday, morale is high and we’re all still employed.

Seems like a no brainer to me. So I intend to spend my free day giving kissies to my little missy and getting ready for date night with Mr. Wonderful.

There was a time when a 3 day off Cinco De Mayo weekend would have been the perfect equation for 3 days of Drunken debauchery. And while that still does sound fun, the thought of snuggling with the shorties and attending a mothers day brunch of my 21 month creator of chaos’ school sound like 3 days of perfection.

It’s all a out perspective this morning. The perspective you choose when looking at your world shapes your mood for the day ahead, so choose a perspective wisely.


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