It’s hard moments in life when we realize who we love and who loves us. It’s not always the family you were given that steps up, but sometimes it’s the family that you have chosen over the years, that step up and blow your mind.

I have known so many people with cancer over the years, some have been acquaintances, work friends, some family, I mean it seems like EVERYONE gets cancer! But this time, it hits home really hard. I have a boss that has already beat cancer once, when he was told he would not live, he looked up at the sky, found his peace and then shouted as loud as he could “FUCK YOU CANCER!” He beat it, he crushed it and he moved on to do more things that the Dr.’s told him wouldn’t be possible. And now, almost 20 years later, here he is in another Dr.’s office, waiting for the prognosis that he hopes to beat…again. I mean, it’s just so damn unfair, I wish I knew who to punch…right square in the nose!

This story has no ending yet, but it does have a point…Please, pretty please, send your love, prayers and happy thoughts to a man that I just CAN NOT imagine losing.All of it would be so appreciated and if I believe in anything, I believe in the power of positive energy.Stay tuned…but send love in the meantime.


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