Headstone Bumper Stickers

I think I have one more healthy rant about bumper stickers in me, and then I swear, I will let it go.

For today’s bumper sticker madness I bring you the infamous bumper sticker, I mean… headstone, that says someone’s name and their date of birth and the day they died. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a cold hearted bitch here, I just don’t understand a few things about this.

  1. When they put a sticker up from someone that lived to be in their 80’s. I mean that’s not like someone you lost too soon or anything, that is a grown man that lived a full life. Why do you need to have a bumper sticker headstone for this person? And, if you did feel the need to give him honor in some way, why wouldn’t you get a bench, or put it on the pier? Instead, you put a sticker on the back of your 1980’s Astro van and let it break apart in the heat of southern California sun until the memory of that person has faded along with the quality of the headstone bumpersticker. Lame.
  2. When you put up a headstone bumper sticker for a young child. Now, I get that this person was taken too soon and you wanted to try and keep him alive. But wouldn’t that memory be best served on a place other than your crappy car? Again, a bench, a pier, a photo in your home, something that you will see often and remember fondly….

After two full health bumper sticker rants, I think my conclusion is, that your car isn’t a place for art, memories or stickers of any kind. Your car, should not have old stuffed animals, or crusty headstone bumper stickers in it. Nor should it be filled with everything you can’t hoard in your home. It should be clean, empty and sticker free. This will keep it safe for you to drive and cause little annoyance to your fellow drivers.

 Let’s give that a try k?!


2 thoughts on “Headstone Bumper Stickers

  1. So with you on this… I mean, WHAT is in loving memory of this person…. Your dirty pos car? That cheap ass sticker? Your beloved family member wasn’t worth any more than that??? I would think that there are a multitude of better ways to remember someone dear to you.

  2. This is so great! I agree and the 1980’s Astro van just made it even more real. Love you Amber! I always wonder about those stickers, like if the kid is even their kid or if it is a neice, nephew, cousin etc. what a waste. I still haven;t gotten the point of a cheap ass cross with old dirty silk flowers placed at a site where sonmeone obviously died. Wouldn’t a nicer boquet of flowers with a cross be more suitable at their gravesite. Do you really want to remember HOW ansd WHERE exactly your loved one died every year? It seems more productive to go to a headstone where that person was actually buried with love.

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