Hands Free Driving

Just Call us John and Sherry from Young House Love, because Mr. wonderful and I keep coming up with fabulous new ranting topics together. Apparently, we are equally annoyed by the stupidity of other people, and it turns out, that we are massively inspired by those same stupid people behind a wheel of a car. So for today’s rant, we bring you the topic of Hands free driving.

Now, I know this is a confusing topic to some people, because I see it every day on the road, but let me break it down for you. Hands Free Driving actually means to drive with both hands free. I know that’s confusing, let me try again. When you are driving a vehicle, both of your hands need to be free to actually be used to DRIVE.

Besides all of the ridiculous things people do behind the wheel, like put on mascara, eat cereal, pluck their eye brows, shave their face, this law was actually meant to keep you from using your phone. So here’s the deal, that includes holding your cell phone 3 inches from your mouth with it on speakerphone. Even more than that though, you look like a friggin’ idiot because not only is that still illegal, but I assure you that if your phone was on speaker and it was lying on your lap, the person on the other end would be able to hear you just the same as if you hold it 3” from your face. So not only are you still breaking the law, but you’re not using your common sense either. Your phone was not made in 1961, it is capable of picking up sound from 3 feet away. Furthermore, when people hold their phone up like that, 9 of 10 people are speaking right into the ear hole, not even the speaker. There are no words for those people, so I will leave them alone because I feel like nothing I say will budge you out of your land of stupidity, so better to just walk away from those people…they are too far lost.

I know it’s hard to not be connected to the outside world all of the time, but I think we really should attempt to put that phone away, or least use an ear bud. Let’s save some lives, what do you say?


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