Working Mom

I suck at getting dressed, that’s the first part that you must know. I spend at least 20 minutes every morning trying on clothes that I want to like, but inevitable they end up on the floor and I end up wearing something I’ve worn a million times. On more than one occasion I have been accused of wearing nothing but black and gray. So after my maternity leave I went on a massive hunt for colorful clothes, and with Spring in the air, finding color was no challenge. I was so proud of myself, I didn’t buy one new black shirt, and I took it a step further, I threw out all of my dingy, over worn black shirts too.
This brings us to this morning. Not only am I dealing with trying to get dressed for work while our two little monkeys are in the house and requiring things like bottles (how dare they be hungry while I’m trying to get ready!) , but on Thursdays the house gets cleaned in the morning so the house must be straightened, and I’m 100% sick.
So I find this skirt I want to wear, it requires a black shirt… Only option. I put on an old trusty and happily start straightening the house up. I grab my4 month princess out of the crib to pack her up to leave and… Duh duh duh! The working mother’s worst nightmare! She spits up all over my black shirt, which means now I either have to do an entire outfit change or I have to search high and low for another black shirt, which are in low supply and high demand (old habits die hard!)
In the end, the house is straightened, the kids are off to their respective places for the day and I’m wearing some 3″ too short black shirt to avoid an entire outfit change, aka, meltdown.
I can’t say I love what I’m wearing today, but in the big picture, if 4/5 things happened the way they were supposed to this morning, then this working mother is considering this day a win.
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