A mother’s Day Tribute

Now I’m no Justin Bieber here, but I would like to do a little shout out to my mom on this gorgeous mothers day weekend. It’s funny too, because my mom hates this Hallmark holiday more than anyone I know, but I’m not physically capable of watching a holiday go by without the necessary celebrating (I got that from my grams!)
When I sit down and think about my mom, so much comes to mind. She’s the strongest, most thoughtful, hilarious and supportive bitch I know and God did a fabulous job when he made her my mom, he nailed it. She’s just the lady I need in my life, we’re two peas in one crazy ass adventurous pod, and I love her to pieces.
There’s a story of our life that I’d like to share with you all, it’s very powerful to me and it brought me onto the path that I live and love to this day.
When my mom and I were living together after my parents got divorced, she fell in love with an old flame from high school. I didn’t see their connection, but I’ll tell you what, she was happy in way I hadn’t seen her before and with that glowing smile all the time, it was hard not to support their love. He asked her to marry him, but that meant my mom and I had to move 3 hours north in my Junior year of high school and away from my brother and dad. But he gave her this diamond, and she wanted to say yes, so we did it. We moved, and the move sucked but I met the best friend I’ve ever had and I got through it. I watched over the year and I could tell they weren’t meant for eachother, but my mom plugged away at it, went to work and restarted her life in an old/ new town and the year passed quickly enough.
When I went away to college my mom moved out and after a few years she met the man of her dreams, her soulmate that compliments her in every possible way… And so did I.
If we would have taken the easy path, stayed in Elsinore and not chased after love, as a team, then neither one of us would be where we are today with the men that love us the way they do.
When Mr. Wonderful asked me to marry him, he did do with my moms diamond from that relationship that plunged us both into love. I wear the diamond everyday and it will forever remind me of the risks my mom and I took that lead us to pure bliss with such special men.
So this mothers day, I thank my mom for taking risks, for following her heart and for teaching me to be strong and thoughtful in this crazy life.
Happy mothers day to my mom, and to all the women that do it all, and do with laughter in the air.


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