Monday Morning Fail

This morning was a fail.
Generally Monday mornings aren’t favored by us employed moms. It marks the beginning of another strenuous work week that has yet to begin but I can feel the pressure of the week before my feet even hit the floor. I woke up at 3am thinking the clock said 6 and started making a bottle…I should have known right then that today was going to be a bitch. Anyway I put the bottle in the fridge and headed back to bed after putting my little miss back to sleep.
6 am rolls around and I feel like I have just been ran over by the cold truck- STILL! The cold from hell that is just lingering on and on makes it hard to get out of bed, but I pull myself together and with the help of Mr. Wonderful we are all in our cars and headed to work/school by 7:05. I am pleased because I know that I have left myself enough time to stop at Starbucks which has become my mommy treat. I use to treat myself to much more fabulous things, but these days coffee does the trick at $6 a pop!
I get about one exit from work which is 45 minutes from my house and I got a weird feeling that I had forgotten something. I took a quick glance into my briefcase and immediately I remembered that I never grabbed my laptop from the dock at the house. This means I am either about to have a completely unproductive day, or I just drove to work for no reason. It was the latter, I ended up staying in the office for 30 minutes and then headed home. Such a waste of gas and time, but at least I was in the Prius, which Mr. Wonderful always says “Makes gas.”

Now that its mid afternoon, the suckiness of the Monday morning has subsided, and I actually got a lot done from home, while hacking my lungs up and grossing myself out.

So, today was in fact a bitch. It was a 13 year old about to start her period, still hasn’t been asked out to the dance, Monday morning without breakfast kind of a bitch…but the good news is, there’s always tomorrow.

I’ll try again then.


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