Schedules are my friend.

I am the person that 100% counts on my calendar and if it gets lost- God help us all.

I find security in the consistency of routine and last night I realized that my 21 Month old creator of chaos is following in my footsteps.

Last night Mr. Wonderful went out to the Dodger game with his friends and that left me and the littles alone for the night.

The routine of our schedule from 5-7:15 every night doesn’t differ from night to night. I could almost write the schedule by the minutes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s time for change and the play changes from night to night, but it’s structure is the same. Last night, I was exhausted. Mother’s day weekend took it out of me and this damn cold will not go away. So at the end of the night I thought to myself, what if I skipped brushing his teeth and just put him to bed (bad mom, I KNOW!)

But when I said, “Alright, time for bed.” The kid got up and ran to the bathroom, started pulling his stool out and began to reach for the toothpaste, so, we brushed his teeth. After that he usually goes out and kisses Daddy and his little sister and then he heads to his crib. Well last night, his daddy was gone and his sister was in the swing. So, he ran out, checked the couch (No daddy) and then proceeded to stop the swing so he could stick his head in and give his little sister a good night kiss. And there I was, totally touched by his love for our family, but also realizing that this routine we created for him is no longer optional, they are all steps that must happen in order for him to allow for bedtime.

It’s sweet. It’s Consistent and he loves it.

That made me think. His love for routine is engrained in him, it’s the reason that he gets through the day, he knows what to expect. It’s how we all are. The consistency from day to day is what allows us to be good at things and then become experts at those things. At this point, I’m not sure what Cooper will be good at, or what he will become an expert at, but at this point in his life, he is good at loving us, and that makes my heart so full of happiness.

 I’m going to be more aware of the consistency of the love I’m giving away and taking in. It’s those things that we measure at the end of life.


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