3 years later

I love a good soapbox, so today, on our 3 year wedding anniversary , i think I’ll pull up out an oldie but goodie.
When Mr. Wonderful and I were dating I used to always talk about running away and getting married. I liked the idea of not telling anyone and then making the “guess what we did?” phone call. That is, until we actually became engaged and it all became real. Then the wedding, or the idea of a wedding, became bigger than anything else. The dream of the venue, the dress, the flowers, it all over powered what I thought I had always wanted, which was to elope.
So we gathered money from the parents, grandparents and ourselves and pulled together a wedding that most of the attendees really enjoyed. As it turns out though, we made it a day for everyone else instead of making it a day that WE loved.
The bitch of the matter is, everyone that we knew that had been married had warned us about this, but when you’re in the throes of planning your wedding, these people seem insane! Not have a wedding? Have you lost your mind?!
When I think back on May 16, 2009, all I can remember is people touching me! It felt like I was continually being pulled in a different direction and I was on a perpetually failed mission to get to the damn bar!
I was so sober and everyone around me was so drunk, every time I turned around someone else was stepping on my dress and there were too many people in too small of a space!
The end result was that I married my best friend and that was the goal, but there was periods of time throughout planning the wedding that that goal was lost.
In hind site, there should have been an open field under a tree somewhere, with a handful of people. We could have quietly and I inexpensively pronounced our love for one another and then started our marriage off with thousands of dollars in the bank and so much love in our hearts.
If only I could go back and do it the way I wish it would have been. But alas, the end goal was met and to this day, regardless of my wedding memory, I’m still married to my best friend and I never see that changing!

Happy anniversary Hones!


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