Falling in Love

I fell in love again yesterday.

It’s amazing what some time alone with your husband can do for your relationship. I wonder how many times I will fall in love with the same man? I hope it’s a bunch because it’s like relationship therapy, there’s love in the air and forgiveness in our hearts. When you’re in love you don’t bicker about the stupid crap that happens every day. There’s something about love that allows you to sweep that crap under the rug and just smile. There’s a difference too by the way. There is loving someone and then there is being in love. As all of you know that are in or have been in a long relationship, it’s a wave and we ride it every day. Sometimes you love the person and sometimes you are in love. The goal is try and find as many ways as possible to stay in love so that you stay happy. Because when you start to just love someone, things change.

So today, with my very full heart, I acknowledge the difference and I know what I need to do to keep this feeling at the surface.

Feeling good about it all today.That’s the goal right? Feel good about today and try to feel good as many days as you can, before you know it you look back and see that your life is happy and perfect.


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