Nail gels

Friday I had the day off so I thought I would take advantage of a little free time and get my nails done. I get a chance to go to the nail salon about every 4 weeks, which is clearly not often enough because for the last 2 weeks of that month I walk around with silent nail shame.
So on Friday something happened that really jolted me and for the past 3 days I’ve been really annoyed about it. Now, even though I have 2 kids and I want to play the mom role to its fullest, I don’t want to feel like I look like a mom. So this week I thought id stay up with the times and do my nails the way all the kids are doing them. By that I mean, neons and my ring finger on each hang would be a different color. So I spent a solid hour and half with the ladies at wonder nails, while they loudly spoke on their phone in their assorted Asian dialects (which is another Oprah by itself!). In the end, I left pretty happy with my gels and toe polish. The second I saw Mr. Wonderful he told me that the color I selected was unprofessional and I shouldn’t wear that color to work. So, an hour and half and nearly $100 later, and I have a gel on that can only be taken off at the salon and I can’t wear them to work on Monday as is. I ended up putting the stickers over the 8 highlighter yellow nails, but it was my first time applying the stickers and well, it looks like it. So, I feel stupid. I feel like I tried to look like a teenager and now I look even more unprofessional than the yellow gels would have looked had I just left them alone.
The kicker on this whole story is that after a quick chat with my boss this morning, he doesn’t care one way or the friggin other. Damn you Mr. Wonderful!
Next set of nails is on him!


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