R.I.P Guppies

A sad thing has happened.
Nick Jr.’s ‘Bubble Guppies’ has been replaced by ‘Wow! Wow! Wubsy’ in the eyes of my almost two year old creator of chaos. It was our secret last resort, it never failed and his eyes always lit up when they popped onto the screen.
I know that sounds like a ridiculous thing to even acknowledge, but to me, a 28 year old self admitting cartoon lover, I’m sad to see the end of the guppies. I loved those sarcastic little mermaid toddlers and I’m not huge on Wubsy and his creepy friends.
It may be sad that I care, but if I want to snuggle up with my little guy on the couch at the end of the day and watch a show with him, it would be nice to kind of enjoy the show we are going to watch. Even more than that though, Lord knows I’m going to be singing those catchy little ditties for at least 2 days, and I really liked the guppies little songs. I’m going to sound like a crazy lady singing the wubsy songs. I know it’s sad that these are my problems, but with two kids under two I am very “in it” right now. Very, very in it, parenting that is.
I know this is just the beginning of so many new and different phases that he will go through, but that almost makes it more sad. It’s momentous to me, the first of many past loves and the beginning of many many new loves.
For now though…
Rest in peace ‘Bubble Guppies’
And as for you ‘Wow!Wow! Wubsy’ I’d like to feel a bit more ‘Wow!Wow! About you and a little less ‘blah…blah’ about you….what do you say?!


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