No more Boxes… for 7 days!

It sounds like a small issue but being a sales person, this causes me grief more often than not. It’s hard to change our very basic characteristics about ourselves, but it is something I am aware of, so that should be the first step to making the change…right?!

If I think someone is in over their head or not knowledgeable about what they are talking about, I tend to dismiss them immediately and then every interaction after that is discounted because I feel like I’m wasting my time. I know that sounds like I have an over inflated self-worth, but it’s really more of a character flaw that comes from quick judgment than from me thinking I’m rad…which by the way…I DO!

In the next seven days I am going to allow people to prove themselves. I will give people the benefit of the doubt and try to allow people a few solid interactions before I decide what kind of person they are. The thing is, I’m never mean or short with the people that I discount, it’s really more of an internal mind frame while I’m working with these people. So really all I’m doing is making life harder on myself, it’s basically me having a bad attitude full of judgment on the inside and that doesn’t make my job or life an easier. So I wonder if I stopped jumping to an immediate conclusion about people if my entire life would be more positive, therefore more enjoyable to live. Its worth a seven day science experiment on myself to see if I can improve my outlook on life by not jumping to immediate conclusions.

Science experiment starts now.

Dear world…please be nice me to and send intelligent people my way to make this an easy week.



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