To email or to talk it out…

With the technology we have today, is it better to try and squash a conflict in person or in an email? Some might say that sending an email is the passive way of dealing with a situation, it’s taking the easy way out. And while I see that point of view, sometimes I feel it’s the better way. It allows the sender the opportunity to really be thoughtful about what they are saying. It allows for a clear, concise perspective and it also allows for the receiver of the email to process the information before you get together to talk about the issue.
So I guess I do believe that a conversation is inevitable and necessary to resolve issues, but sometimes it feels like its easier to get to the resolution in an adult way when you’ve allowed a bit of time and information to settle in, post email.
Am I alone on this? I know from personal experience with this, that when reading the email your blood starts to boil, but then in retrospect you think about how you would have felt having the conversation in person and the email route seems less like an attack. At least the email route allows the person to feel less ambushed by you and they can read the email in their own time. I will admit one downfall of the email route though, the information can be read and re- read and shared to others in a way that the personal conversation can’t.
I guess each situation probably stands on its own, but in 2012, we have to be able to admit that email isn’t always taking the passive easy route, but rather, taking the efficient effective route.
Just a technology vs. personal approach conflict that I think we all face everyday in one way or another…. To talk or to email?!


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