Drive thru’s- you rule!

How amaze balls are drive up ATM’s? followed by a drive thru Starbucks… I mean get out of town! You don’t even have to get out of your car!!!
But then I laugh thinking about it. Before I had kids I thought these drive- thru everything’s were getting out of hand and I felt them to be a major contributor to our highly overweight nation. Post kids however, I see a drive thru and literally see God open the heaven’s and shine down on the exact location that I will place my order, I mean it’s like God meant me to be in that drive thru, enjoying my lazy self with kiddos in tow.
Don’t get me wrong, the kids aren’t fast food eaters, but they sure do my banking and coffee pick up with me when possible. All of you parents know the feeling of carrying a kid in a carrier and one on your hip to run into the bank to deposit some stupid $40 check… Massive anxiety for me!
So today I praise the drive thru creators and i thank you not only for all the parents of the world, but also for all of the lazy fat asses that refuse to step into public to get chores done.
ATM and Starbuck’s drive thru’s, see you soon, wink wink. Kiss kiss.


2 thoughts on “Drive thru’s- you rule!

  1. Amen Amber, I dont got to the mall anymore. I only shop at stores that have carts. lol. It’s really amazing the lifestyle changes made once children are involved. My “baby” is turning 5 this year. It is still a journey, but we shop without carts sometimes! As far as drive thrus, I do drive thru the bank, I wish they would get drive thru doctor visits, drive thru manicures/pedicures, drive thru grocery stores! It’s endless possibilities!

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