The Beach- FINALLY!

Tonight we are breaking up this Jones band and I’m taking the kiddos to see their grandparents for an overnight. I realized yesterday that I have an almost 2 year old and he has NEVER been to the beach. Even as I type it I feel like a terrible parent, and I know my mom is sitting somewhere reading this and rolling her eyes! I basically grew up at the beach with my brother and mom, and one friend each (AND A THOUSAND MARINES- it was Oceanside near the base, and as I became a teenager I did not hate that J) . I remember waking up as a child during the summer and packing up the car really early to drive out to the beach and then spending all day there! So for me to have never taken these kids to the beach…I feel like a traitor to my roots. So tomorrow we will check this off the list and I am really looking forward to it.

Now, let me tell you why I’m already stressing out. The stuff. I mean, when my mom goes to the beach, she goes to some off the wall hidden location that is gorgeous, but not very close to a car. So for my type A over anxious self, all I can think about is getting there and having to carry 900 bags down to the sand. So ladies and gentleman, we may have just arrived at why we have yet to go to the beach! It takes so much prep and travel and stuff to take small children to the sand and water. It really shouldn’t be that hard. I am going to try and simplify, but even as I type that, I know it won’t happen.

The sun and sand crabs and sand and being with family…I can already feel how perfect tomorrow will be. Me with my mom and my littles (and possibly Xanax)

Sounds like perfection to me.

Happy weekend everyone…is it 5 yet?


3 thoughts on “The Beach- FINALLY!

  1. I love, love, love this – now you know what it was like when you were one of the littles. In the end, it was worth all the trips to the landing pad in the sand. To see the smiles on your little people, to bury them in the sand, build sand castles, laugh as the waves knock them down in the surf, eating sandy sandwiches, and that sleepy ride home with a little too much sun on their skin. Only to stop at 31 flavors for one last taste of a beautiful day and a long standing tradition with your kids. I cannot wait until tomorrow. Look out Beach – Here we come 🙂

  2. Hey girl! Some of the best memories I had were going to the beach with aunt debi and aunt leta. Thanx for the stroll down memory lane! Love u

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