My Graduation Speech

When I think about all of the people graduating from college this year, and what the next few years of their life might be like, I feel conflicted. On one hand, I am so proud of all the students, from all of the schools, that have put in the effort and completed what might be the hardest task of their life, graduating from College. On the other hand, the world that they are graduating into holds no promises, even less than it did before, and there is no guarantee that racking up the debt that they have over the years will ever even be worth it. Either the job they do land won’t pay enough to pay off their loans and live on, or they just straight up won’t be able to find a job in the industry they studied.

I believe that the best thing to tell students graduating from college, with or without debt, should read something like this:

It was all worth it. Every day you wake up, you are now armed with enough education and common sense to change the world…if you choose to. The importance of being on time for things will never diminish and the way you present yourself to the world is the way the world will judge you, so show up and look sharp. Care about people, because relationships change lives. Love your family, because the world will judge you on how you love your personal life as well as your professional life, and you will find the most joy will come from the one’s that go to sleep in the same house as you. Take time to remember what life is all about when things get too overwhelming and remember that a good laugh with friends and a bottle of wine can sometimes feel just as relaxing as a week-long vacation.
Don’t use credit cards for things you want, use them for things you need and be prepared to receive the bill….it seems that’s the part the rest of us American’s forgot about. Live within your means and not above, it will 100% come back to bite you in the ass.
Don’t get married because someone you slept with is having your baby. Get married for love and nothing else, and then try REALLY REALLY hard to keep it together.
Your generation is going to reshape the world, so try your hardest to be part of that and please, for the rest of us, try to shape the world into a better place.
Now strap on those big boy boots and big girl panties and get out there and make a difference. Good luck.

Now Hallmark, would you please work on fitting all of this into a graduation card, because that’s a card I’d fully support passing out to graduates? K thanks.


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