A little sexy talk for you…

My blog is rated PG-13…although today I may be pushing that rating a bit. So if that’s not something you are into, go ahead and close this link out and move on with your day.
As for the rest of you, you dirty mind folks, YOU are my people!
Something rather interesting has come to light for me over the past few weeks and I don’t imagine I am the only person that deals with this, although I may be the only person that will not only admit it to close friends, but rather post it all over the internet for randoms to read. And the reason I do that, is because I am an open book and I really enjoy exploring the deepest emotions that I have, as well as others, because lets face it, we all deal with things everyday and wish we had someone to relate to….and that my friends as why I am tackling the topic.

When I was in college I had some friends that were married that I loved to hang out with. But more than that, when I hung out with them I felt very in touch with MY sexuality. Even just a casual glass of wine or a bike ride down by the beach just put me in a very sexual mood. They were unique to me, I had never crossed paths with people that made me so in touch with that emotion. Now, i’m not talking about being sexually attracted to someone, I’m just talking about the way it made me feel inside. I was so aware of my sexuality when I was with them and it often became the benefit of my boyfriend at the time. He loved when I would go hang out with them, although he didn’t know it, but he always was the benefactor to a good afternoon spent with my favorite couple. It was one of those things that I couldn’t decide if I liked him or her more, but together they were fabulous and I just couldn’t get enough of either of them.
Over the years, I never really found anyone that made me feel like that again, until recently. Now i’m happy married to Mr. Wonderful and we both have some new friends in our life that I just can’tfrie seem to get enough of. So, it’s weird to me, to be married and attracted to people other than my husband. There’s no threat there at all, but I would be lying if I told you that Mr. Wonderful wasn’t seeing the benefit of that relationship, similar to the way my College boyfriend did.
I don’t think this makes me a bad person, so all of you Judgy Mcjuderson’s can take a hike. What I do think I am, is real. There’s no difference in what i’m feeling than if someone were to watch a “naughty video” and then act that out with their spouse… is there?!

So for me, I think it’s a breakthrough to be able to acknowledge that there are people in this world that just get your juices flowing, so to speak. And that those people have a way of affecting me through and through and it’s not always the same characteristic that attracts me to them. Sometimes it’s their humor, or the way they challenge me, or what a good person they are on the inside. Whatever the reason though, I thank them. Life can be boring sometimes and to have people in your world that make you really feel, feel anything really, is a blessing.

So to the ones that make me pay attention and get excited about life again, I thank you.
Emotions are slippery and when you grab onto one, you should acknowledge it and give it a warm place to get comfortable, because there is no point in running from them, instead we should embrace them.


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