Strip clubs?!

So what is the deal with guys and strip clubs?
When ladies get together, we drink wine, tell stories, laugh a ton and leave feeling better about ourselves, our friends and the relationships that we have with one another.
When guys get together, they go to sporting events, or they go to strip clubs. I mean, I realize that there are naked women at strip clubs, but when you can’t touch them, what’s the point? And if you are touching them, Mr. Wonderful, be prepared to get your ass kicked! Guys never leave a strip club feeling better about themselves…do they?

So when I hear that my man went to a strip club I don’t get jealous, I just start wondering how much of our money he gave away. And it really is like giving it away. If you want to just randomly be giving money away I suggest you find a cause or a foundation to donate to, instead of giving it to some almost naked chick that smells like cotton candy and feels like she has a gallon of lotion on. Or if you really want to give your money away, how about you hook up your fabulous wife a Tumi briefcase of a LV purse?!

oh guys, when will you start to get it?
Women are good at pretending. They pretend to like you for your money. Or for any reason that will benefit them. I realize that most of the time you guys get that, but the rest of time you live happily in denial that you are being used.

Shaking my head.


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