Choose to do it well…

While watching “Bethany Ever After” the other day, a very important life lesson was made clear to me….and YES, I know that sounds ridiculous! Anyway she said it very simple and it hit me like a ton of bricks…
“Basically whatever you choose to do, do it well!”
I don’t believe that the world should judge people on the job they have, because every single job performed today will hold a critical part in making the world go round. I mean, I’m not jumping up and down to pick strawberries, but hot damn am I glad someone is, because I sure do intend to have a few for snack in a bit. I wouldn’t be excited to clean up in a janitorial position, but thank God someone does it…and I think you get the point.
But what Bethany was saying is very simple and gets glossed over all of the time. If you are at work, at a job that you have chosen, can you please, for the love of God, do it to the best of your ability with a smile on your face. It’s hard enough to navigate through our professional lives as it is, why do we have to hold one another up with road blocks and anger. Why not just work with people like you would work with family and friends and in the end, the project is complete and everyone can be proud of the project they completed?
It seems SO Simple, but often times I think people’s ego’s get involved and the kindness goes right out the window.

So from today forward, while in a business situation, I will really work at keeping it simple, keeping a smile on my face and trying to work through things with people…no matter their competency!
Wish me luck!


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