How uncomfortable is Face time?!
My 22 month old creator of Chaos is obsessed with technology, so every now and again I will decide that a good family face time session would be fun. It never fails, about 4 rings into my idea, I remember that I hate Face time! It’s fun for the little Mr. because he gets to see family members that he doesn’t get to see often, and it’s a plus that they are on the ipad- he thinks that’s amazing! However, I end up being the one that has to carry on the conversation and I would so much rather just talk to someone on the phone instead of staring at their face up close and personal while we try to think of things to talk about.
Yesterday my sister was the lucky family member that we face timed with and I gotta say- she sucks at Face time!
Let me just say this, and please know that I said the same thing to her face, literally, the other day: WHILE ON FACETIME WITH SOMEONE, PLEASE DON’T ACT LIKE THE PHONE/IPAD IS A MIRROR!
I mean she was doing everything in the phone that she normally does in the mirror, and you all know what I’m talking about when I say “mirror face,” right?! You know that face you make when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror or putting on makeup. It’s not your natural face, but we all have one. I recognize my sister’s mirror face right away after so many years of watching her get ready and apply makeup.
So as we spoke and told our stories, she fixed her hair, rubbed her lips together and basically did everything she normally does in the mirror but instead she was doing it to me and my little Mr.
I kept hollering- THIS IS NOT A MIRROR and while she would laugh and acknowledge what she was doing- she wouldn’t stop.

So this my friends, is why I despise Face time. Do me a favor and decline me the next time I call, I would really appreciate it!
Love you sis!


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