Life, Love and the General Pursuit of Happiness

I watched a movie last night that made me think a lot about life, love and the general pursuit of happiness. I know that I am in this exact place in my life because of all of the people I have met, decisions I have made, cities I have called home and conversations I have had with amazing and some not so amazing people. That’s the fabulous thing about life though, everyday you can wake up and steer your journey in a new direction, if you feel inclined to do so. On the other hand, you can never change what happened yesterday and you can never forget the way that all those yesterday’s built up into today.
It’s crazy really, when you start to dwell on it all, the amount of endless opportunity that lies within each and every one of us, and how little we all exercise the opportunity to make such large changes in our lives. There’s something cozy about the comfort of a normal routine, a “usual.” so many people enjoy complaining about what they do or don’t have, when really, if they cared so much about it they would realize that the opportunity to have or not have anything in the world, lies in the opportunity tomorrow offers.

What will I do today that will allow me to enjoy tomorrow to its fullest? And you… What will you do with your tomorrow?


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