Don’t be a stupid parent

As a parent I try not to be too judgmental of the way that other parents do things, because I know we all have a lot on our plate and sometimes the path of least resistance is the way to go. I do however, think that that theory has lines and when it comes to the safety of our children, it’s worth the fight to make them understand they don’t get a choice.
Over the last few weeks I have seen multiple children bouncing around in the car, without being strapped into the car seat. I absolutely can not even fathom what these parents are thinking. If there was an accident of any kind, these kids won’t make it. There is a ridiculously strong story behind the reasons our kids need to be strapped in tightly and properly… So what the heck is going on?!
I feel like the stink eye I gave each of the parents in these circumstances wasn’t enough. Mr. Wonderful suggested that I call the police the next time I see something like this… Is this a 911 call or the non emergency line?! What I really want to do is follow them, wait for them to get out, punch the parent square in the nose and take their kid away from them.
At all costs, If you give your kids nothing else, ensure their safety for crying out loud. It’s the very basics. I mean they won’t let you leave the hospital with a newborn until they’ve seen you can properly strap them into their car seat… 2 years later and I assure you that your two year old is not “big boy” enough to go free in a car. The kicker for me was that the mom had her seat belt on.
I’m getting fired up just thinking about this… What kind of stupid, careless, selfish mother would put her seatbelt on and not her own child’s?!
I don’t think this is asking a lot, I mean its the law, the right thing to do, the safe move and it gives you a little down time while your driving.
All I can imagine is that the parent is trying to be cool. You can’t be cool to your kid when he or she doesn’t live.

Wake up. Be smart. Make wise decisions and if you want to be an idiot with your own life… Fine… But step up your game and standards for your little ones!



3 thoughts on “Don’t be a stupid parent

  1. I totally agree. Being that I have 3 kids and the youngest being 4, I can’t say that I haven’t been guilty of this too. The thing is… Once children reach 2 they learn how to let themselves out of the carseat while one is driving down the freeway. This is not an excuse but a mere fact. I put them in before we left the store and before we can make it a few miles they have already unstrapped themselves and my screaming for them to get back in it has no affect on them whatsoever. Since my mom died from not being seat belted it is a HUGE deal to me still that my kids stay belted. Sometimes I am able to talk them into getting in themselves, threaten them until they do it themselves and on several occasions I have to find a “safe” place to pull over and drag them kicking and screaming back into their seats. Either way it is stressful on everyone involved but well worth the fight because of safety. So before the stink eye just know if the parent is buckled give them the benefit of the doubt that they probably belted the tot in before driving away 😉

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