Find the Silver Lining

I’ve learned that even the hardest of news can be accepted with grace. A short and impact full conversation with a life long beastie of mine this morning, lead me to think about the silver lining that can be applied to almost every situation. Sure, bad news can 100% be hard to swallow, but if you sit back and think about all of the possibilities that become available with change, you can see that sometimes bad news, can very easily turn into life changing news.
We all work so hard everyday to reach our goals that when they become possible, it seems unreal. So today, instead of a whole song and dance about God knows what, I will just leave you all with this:
Take a moment to let news sink in, find the positive in everything and make a conscious decision to enjoy every little bit of change that comes your way. Sometimes even a wall is a door if you look at it right.


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