Use your words!

If you are going to ask me to do something for you in a rushed request, please for the love of God, give me all of the information in the beginning. I 100% hate when people piece mill me information, I end up doing the project 14 different times based on all of the new information you provided after the initial request.
It does not help matters that I’m sick as all get out, so my patience is wearing thin and it’s not even noon on Monday yet. Can you say “long week ahead!?”
I’ve covered this topic before, and I can assure you this won’t be the last time, but of you are doing something with me and you expect me to be effective, then please allow me to be efficient with my time by providing detailed information. While sometimes I find the guessing game to be entertaining, that only applies to children under 2, not to the adult filled working class.
We should be able to use our words.
K- thanks- buh bye.


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