Childhood Summers

Ahhh Summer…
When I was little Summer used to mean so much to me. To sum it up, it was: Pool time, rolling out of bed at 9:58 to put my suit on, so that I could start laying out at 10, the best tanning time. It was water weenies, pool volleyball, Grass, chasing my brother around, hanging out with friends, sitting on couches with a wet bathing suite. It was 108* with parents that went to work all day. It was sporting events, family time, free time, no homework and all the TV I wanted.

As an adult, summer is the end of fiscal years, a push to install furniture, gorgeous days spent inside, and stories about vacations to come and vacations spent.
The one thing that keeps my childhood summers alive in my heart, is the 2 days a week that I get to recreate my childhood summers for my kids. Two days a week spent on blankets in the backyard or at the beach, in grandparents pools, learning to swim, splash and laugh it off.

I so look forward to hearing my kids as adults and having them rehash their childhood summer memories. So, I intend to jam pack the next 3 months with as many new and exciting summer actyivities as I can…and I will do that hole heartedly for the next 18 years. If it’s the last thing I do, my kids will love their summers as much as I did. Those memories made me who I am today, and those traditions are so close to my heart that I need to pass them on in order to keep my childhood memories alive.

Summer will live on in the spirit of my kids and their kids, if I do this right.


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