Mommy Alone Time

Ive been struggling lately to find some time for myself within this family of four that I have. I feel like I’m either at work or with the kids and I put off doing the things for myself that I know are necessary for me to be me. I know it’s important for me to have alone time, but I can’t seem to allow myself the time away.
I started getting nail gel on my nails after my daughter was born, I push that to every 3 weeks and even at that I feel like that’s the only thing I do for myself… And that’s one hour every three weeks.
Mr. Wonderful started golfing again, about once a week, and while I’m happy that he has a “thing” that is just for him, I find myself very jealous of his 4 hour childless adventures in the sun.
Now that our family is complete I have a huge urge to get my body back in shape, but when I start thinking about when I would work that into my schedule 3 times a week, I start to get very discouraged. Last night I made the decision to be a little more selfish about my time. After all, a happy wife makes for a happy life… Right?!
I know I’m not alone on this and that many parents, moms and dads alike, all deal with this. I’m open for tips and suggestions. I also realize that as my kids get older this will be less of an issue, but for now, I need to carve out 3 hours for gym/ Amber time throughout the week.
So, here’s to my first attempt.
Wish me luck!
Bathing Suit body for Summer 2013… I’m coming after you!


2 thoughts on “Mommy Alone Time

  1. You’re right- all parents go through this but one thing I didn’t expect when I finally started leaving the, then 2 boys, with Luke was the awesome little world they developed. I always knew he was a great dad- and that he didn’t need me to help/tell him what to do… But there’s something fantastic that comes into play between a daddy and his babies when mom is finally gone. They’ll have a little connection all their own- little stories and jokes, it’s amazing how good it is for the kids to see you nurture yourself AND how good it is to give daddies a real chance to parent however they want! (Ice cream, pajamas and WWF? Sure, moms gone!) I wish I lived closer- I’d get my gel on with you 🙂

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