If I had a Super Power…

I have decided that if I had a super power mine would be the ability to see things in Hindsight.
How cool would that be? There would be no need for stress or anxiety because you would always know how things were going to turn out.
You would never forget anything you needed because you would always know what you ended up needing and if you were going on a trip you would only pack the things you knew would be used.
Forget about shooting power or being the strongest person alive, if you hand hindsight vision from jump, you would easily be able to move out of the way of the fire or hide from the strongest person alive! Brillant.
I Can see a bit of downside though, you would never be able to be surprised and you would always know the outcome…and that can be viewed as good or bad, depending on who you are. I bet I spend 4 hours of each day worrying about one thing or another and in the end things always turn out alright. I wonder what else I would be able to accomplish if I had 4 hours every day to not stress about the little things?!
It’s a nice thought. I think I will start my Tuesday with a more carefree attitude and see if I can get more done with less stress on my mind.
It’s worth a try.


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