Slowing Down with Facebook

This last weekend while we were on a mini vacation, I allowed my phone to die, partially because I didn’t want to leave it charging in the main house while we were in the motorhome, and partially, because I didn’t care about talking to anyone or catching up on any social media sites.
Since then, I have a new outlook on a few things, Facebook in particular.
I had noticed on Monday and Tuesday that I hadn’t really missed scrolling slowly through Facebook to see what my acquaintances were up to. Then Last night, I ran across a misinformed parent and I felt like I had to say something in an attempt to keep them up to date on the new car seat laws, but my attempt at doing so seemed very combative. In the end, the parent didn’t understand where I was coming from and left the comment chain, I’m sure feeling like I was being a know it all.
Last night while falling asleep I thought to myself, why do I even care what other parents do with their kids?
In all honesty, had I not reached out to be his “friend” I would never in my life have seen him again and that would have been okay too…so get over it and let it go…right?!
Anyway, all of this got me to thinking about what I get from Facebook and more importantly what Facebook takes from me. I feel like I get bit and pieces and how people are spending their lives, and I get to see photos of family members and friends kids… but what it takes from me is so much more. It takes away time with my kids, time while I’m supposed to be working. Yes, it may make me feel more connected to the world outside my family, but it makes me feel less connected to my family because while I scroll through pages of nonsense, I’m missing out on what’s going on right in front of me, in my family room, where my family is playing and trying to get my attention.
So, although I am currently very active in the land of Facebook, I think I’m going to take one giant step back.
Instead of adding friends, I will pare them down again and instead of hours a week, I may spend minutes.
If you know me and love me and want to reach out, shoot a sister a text, and if you don’t miss me on your newsfeed one bit, then my point will be proven.
What are we all doing on there all the time anyway?!
After thinking critically about this for a few days, I feel like the land of technology is taking over true interactions, and I may not be the only one that feels this way… I mean you’ve all seen this commercial right?!:

To me, 19 friends sounds fabulous…
And hey, at least I still have my blog…


One thought on “Slowing Down with Facebook

  1. I agree completely! I can go weeks now without checking in and not feel like I’m missing out on anyone’s life. Most of it feels like rambling and if I really want to see what’s going on, I go to their page. Crazy how people don’t call or even text anymore but ‘facebook’ each other. Besides, I replaced my fb addiction with something more meaningful – Pinterest!!!

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