Nail Salon Rudeness

Call me crazy but when I go to get my nails done I would prefer a relaxing environment. It’s insane the lack of Social etiquette that goes down in these joints. Seriously, you will see all the women in the massage chairs, with their eyes closed while they get massaged and try to relax and then you hear the loudest ring of all time go off and you think it’s a customer, but no, it’s an employee. So they continue on with a one hand massage while they answer their phone and yell to the person on the end while they do a half ass job on the customer. This kills me for two reasons:
1. Why is the ringer so loud and why do they have to yell into the phone like it’s a bullhorn when they can whisper from one side of the place and someone in some back room on the other side of the nail salon will respond? I mean, they have super human hearing up here in Santa Clarita, but as soon as they get on the phone, all those super hearing powers are gone…? I don’t get that ish one friggin’ bit!
2. The other reason this drives me crazy is, if I’m paying you to clean up my nails, give me a massage and re paint my nails, then please for the love of God, do just that. When I’m with a customer I don’t answer my phone, its rude! I wait until I am alone to address my person business…and I feel like that is a pretty universal etiquette…. But NOT IN NAIL SALONS!
They spend all this money to make the space feel like a relaxing spa environment and then they get on their phones and squash that feeling in .02 seconds!
I don’t care if you are using a headpiece or not, don’t be on your phone while you work on me.
In case you haven’t seen this, it kills me and you should watch it:


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