Operation Betty Crocker

The perspective of what a wife is supposed to be has changed dramatically over the years…but then again, divorce rates have sky rocketed over the years as well, so I wonder if there’s a connection?
I was watching a show the other day and the lady was saying that a wife is supposed to dote over her husband, bring him treats, support him emotionally and help to lift him up.
I don’t know why that hit me wrong, maybe it’s because I don’t do those things for Mr. Wonderful, or maybe it’s because I have never really seen a relationship that is set up that way.
I will admit though, it seems like it would make for a happy husband.
Was this ideal marriage set up created back in the day when women didn’t work? Or am I off base and headed for divorce if I don’t dote over my man?

It made me think.
This weekend we stayed in, we cooked meals, baked and played with the kids. It felt like a more old school way of doing things, simple, easy. But in the end, I still don’t think I doted much. It may just be the way I am wired, I don’t see me acting that way to Mr. Wonderful without him wondering what the heck is up with me…and honestly, I’m not sure that if I did change the way I act toward him if that would even be something he would be into. Don’t we marry people expecting them to always be the way they are, not expecting them to change? Doting over my man would be a HUGE change for me.

I guess operation Betty Crocker needs to go in full effect… It won’t hurt to try right?!
Ready. Set. Go.
(Hang on Mr. Wonderful, it might be a weird week!)


One thought on “Operation Betty Crocker

  1. My ex-husband thought the same thing about a marriage as what you saw in that show. I’ve always thought of a marriage as equal partners and that’s probably why we’re divorced 🙂
    Good luck with the Betty Crocker operation!

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