Returning to my Regular Ranting Scheudle

I can boldly say that I have never grown more in my life than I have in the last 7 days.
Challenged to look at things from multiple perspectives in a way that will affect my life on a daily basis.
Making decisions that keep my family’s best interest at heart while still allowing us to be 4 individual happy people, that make up one amazingly happy family.
I think these growing pains are necessary and the couples that come out together and stronger on the other end, those are the people that I look up to… that is the couple that Mr. Wonderful and I strive to be.
There will be more rants to come. Now that I can get back to thinking about things that happen on a regular basis instead of huge life decisions, my mind will again have space for ranting about the racket. Some of you have expressed how much you love having me in your daily life, even if it is only with a 5 minute read online, but honestly, I enjoy those five minutes more than you do. Thank you for the support, and I shall be returning to my regular ranting schedule this week….
Stay tuned!


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