Scary Changes

This morning my husband, of 3 years, and I went into a bank and finally joined our money together, checking, savings, the kids’ savings… the whole shebang!
For those of you that took this plunge from the start, this will sound ridiculous, but for those of you who don’t share money or are on the brink of making this decision yourself, let me tell you….I almost threw up! I felt like I was signing away my earnings!
Again, I know that sounds terrible, but as I sat there, minute after minute, I started to feel more and more unsure of the decision. When we jumped in the car and headed back to the house, I felt like I had just left my independence behind at the bank and I had an overwhelming urge to turn around and go get it back…but as you know independence isn’t something tangible that I can go pick back up. The second I signed that paper to merge the world together, I signed away that feeling.
From a financial standpoint, and for the health of my family, I feel like this was the right move, but after 28 years of being alone on my accounts, the idea of consulting someone about finances really, really stresses me out! Forget about wanting to buy a $300 pair of jeans, I already feel weird about the conversations that will come surrounding my lunches at work or my unhealthy Starbucks habit. I used to always think that it was the large purchases that would be weird when our money was together, but I am quickly feeling the pressure on any purchase! All the sudden I feel like “my money” isn’t “mine” at all.
This is so weird…Day 1: very uncomfortable about this decision.
Day 2: I am hopeful that you will have a more settling feeling…PLEASE?!
Anyone feel this way? Advice is welcomed- hell it’s encouraged!


One thought on “Scary Changes

  1. Yay! You’re back. I was wondering what I was going to do without your rants. Sounds stupid but you are open and honest and it’s hard to find people with that level of honesty. I was raised in a bubble so everything in my life has been sugar-coated for me and this makes me feel like part of the real world and a sense on normalcy. Thanks for coming back. As far as the bank accounts, josh and I merged the day after we got married for convenience. Because he made more money and I spent more so I was constantly moving money from his account to mine to cover rubber checks. So I lived the merge. I can say josh isn’t really watchful of the spending but I do watch what I buy and how much I spend because we do have 5 people in our family that need and want things. So it would be selfish of me to spend every spare dime on starbucks or a new shirt or shoes. I do get an occasional Dooney though. But it’s for birthday or Christmas. Give it time and it will be more convenient than scary. Oh ya my best advice I can offer is let each other know what you purchased or are going to purchase in order to keep your account from going in the red. Josh tells me everything he plans to get. I used to think it was so weird for him to call me to tell me what he was buying and how much but I realize now it is better because I can plan bills better with no worries. Hope this helps 😉

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