As a full time working sales person, a mother of two and a wife, I rarely have time for myself to do things that I love. Even more so, I rarely have time to sit and chat at the local coffee house. When I was in college I spent amazing amounts of time at “It’s a Grind.” I would do my homework there, smoke insane amounts of cigarettes and chat with all the other coffee goers. I liked having a place that I considered mine and for 4 years, that coffee house was mine.
Well, over the past few weeks I have had to leave the house on Thursday while Lupe is there doing the cleaning, so I have found myself at the local Starbucks. The first week I was here I met a great guy that was hilarious and over the past few weeks I have kept my eye out for him. This morning as I walked in to sit down and work, there he was. A funny feeling spread over me. I have no romantic feelings for this guy, but 100% whole heartedly enjoy his company. He writes for a few hit comedy Television shows and I think his sense of humor is a nice refreshing change for me. After so many years of not making friends and being so caught up in my own daily life, I am proud and stoked to say that I have finally jumped back into the “Making friends pool!”
It’s nice to talk to someone that is funny, knows no one in your life and has such a grand life himself. To make a completely organic friend is rare to me…and watching it evolve over the last few weeks has been fun.

I say of that to say that sometimes even with all the hustle and bustle of emails, phone calls, sales calls, family etc…life can be lonely. It’s nice to meet someone that likes me for me. Not for the commonalities in our life, but just for the commonalities that we are both IN life… and by that standard we have enough in common to have a fun, truthful and hilarious conversation. I think people, especially in this day and age, overlook the benefit of slowing down and engaging in conversation.
I hold all my friendships very close to my heart, but I would lying if I said I give them all the same attention that I once had, I simply don’t have the time to get together and bullshit the way I used to. So going forward, I intend to slow down and pay better attention to my friends in life and the potential friends that lurk around every corner.


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