House Keeping Information

Sometimes I really think that I am not meant to be let loose (not lose!) in society!
Apparently my oversharing, overly blunt personality is not for everyone, or these days, it’s not for anyone.
So here’s the game plan, you can either be with me, or not, and no feelings will be hurt.
I am deleting my Facebook, which also means that I have to delete any pages that I administer, like my Ranting about the Racket page. I will still be up and running on Instagram (Ladyjones11) because I feel like pictures are worth a thousand words, but because I don’t actually type them out, it keeps me in less trouble.

The majority of the people that read my blog read it from my link to Facebook, so if you want to still receive my blog posts I suggest you sign up to receive an email when I post, which you can do at the right side of my blog post- just enter your email address and hit “follow”

I hate to wait a blog post on “house Keeping” items, but sometimes people have to know what to expect!
Thanks so much to all of my loyal peeps. I heart you all.

-Love this weeks oversharer!


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