Change in the Couch Cushions…

I heard a commercial this morning while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. It’s amazing the things you start thinking about while trying not to be bitter about moving 2 MPH on a major freeway in Los Angeles. Anyway, the commercial was for Jack in the Box and Jack was telling the guy to collect the change from the couch cushions to gather a dollar for a soda. It got me to start thinking about the things I did as a child that my kids will most likely never do. Of those things, finding change in the couch will most likely be one of them. I VERY RARELY use cash at all, let alone keep coins in my pockets. I remember gathering the coins from the couch that had fallen out of my dad’s jeans, it was always a good way to find at least a buck for the ice cream man.

I’m not trying to live in the past, although I do think some of the purest memories I have from my childhood are things that no longer happen to kids in this day and age. I remember waiting for hours for the radio to play my favorite song so that I could run over to the tape player and hit record…which inevitably had a Vee-jay talking over the first of the song, but man, it was worth it! Now, all a kid has to do is go to iTunes and hit buy and their parents get charged instantly.

Thinking about how this is going to come off, I’m sure I sound like the parent that walked both ways with no shoes to and from school in the snow….kids these days have it so easy. The thing is, I don’t actually think they have it better than I did. I think they have a much tougher road to hoe than I ever did.

They have a really tough relationship to make with technology, they don’t get to choose if they want it or not, it’s here to stay. They have to find a balance between living life and living life with technology…it’s a hard balance to find. They have to find a balance between being social and social networking. They have to go to college in order to get a job and then they have to spend many years paying off their college all while hoping they find a job that they actually like that is in the field they studied.

They have to compete with children from other countries that are getting a better education and then coming to America to take the jobs, that our children have been shooting for for years.

I wish my kids would grow up with tape players, ice cream men and playing on the street until the street lights come on… but that’s just not the reality.

The integration of technology into our daily lives has changed everything. It has worked its way into every single aspect of our lives and it’s not going anywhere. It’s like Kudzu from the south, its grabbing on and taking over and there is nothing that we can do to make it stop. We just have to sit back and watch while it kills all of the beauty that childhood used to provide. It’s sad.



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